Holiday Nannies

Extra childcare help during the long school holidays

Tinies specialises in the supply of holiday childcare to parents. Our holiday nanny service can be tailored to meet your needs:

If you'd like more information on our Holiday Nanny service, please contact your local Tinies agency. Unlike many other agencies, all Tinies nannies are personally interviewed and thoroughly vetted.

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School holiday nanny 

During school holidays you may need some extra childcare help. You can hire a nanny for the whole holiday, or for a shorter period. This is particularly useful for working parents.

You may want some specialist help, for example, with school age children who are preparing for exams. We have teachers on our books available for childcare and extra homework help.

In the summer, our Holiday Nanny service is very popular with parents struggling to accommodate the long school holidays with their own workload.

Taking a nanny abroad  

We can provide you with a nanny to take on holiday with you, so you have an extra pair of hands to help out with childcare.

A travelling nanny is useful if you are hiring a villa, for example, and have a spare room to accommodate a nanny. The Holiday Nanny can offer childcare during the day, as well as babysitting at night.

Holiday nanny in London  

If you're specifically looking for a holiday nanny in London, please contact our Tinies Central London branch who will be able to help. Or use the left hand search to find your local Tinies agency.

Taking a nanny on your ski trip 

Tinies can provide you with a nanny to accompany you on your family skiing trip either to care for your little ones whilst you ski, oversee them during their lessons or babysit whilst you enjoy the après ski.

Send your holiday nanny requirements to your local Tinies nanny agency


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