Looking for a Live-In Nanny or a Live-Out Nanny?

When hiring a nanny you can decide if you want the added flexibility of having nanny live in your home

Live-in nannies vs Live-Out Nannies

A nanny can be "sole charge" whether they live-in or not. This means that they look after children when the parents are not at home, or they can work alongside the parents at home.

If you're looking to hire a nanny, Tinies will guide you through all your childcare options, providing help and advice on what you're looking for - when you need it.

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Hiring a live-in nanny

Live-in nannies or babysitters normally work an 11-12 hour day, Monday to Friday, together with two nights of babysitting included.

Role of a nanny

Nannies that live in your home can be in sole charge of the children. The roles performed by them are as follows:

  • Doing the children's washing and ironing
  • Keeping their rooms tidy
  • Clearing away the toys
  • Cooking for the children and clearing up in the kitchen afterwards.

A live-in nanny's primary role is to care for the children. Therefore household cleaning is not normally included but should be specifically discussed if it is required (see Nanny Housekeepers).

You must provide a live-in nanny with appropriate accommodation either in the home or separate from it. On the weekend, a live-in nanny should be allowed her free time but still stay in the accommodation offered.

Cost of nanny in the UK

Live-in nanny cost is cheaper than the live-out nanny cost, mainly because you're providing them with accommodation. It can mean you have someone available more often, and they become like a family member.

Live-out daily nannies

Live-out nannies, also known as daily nannies, normally work a 10-hour day, Monday to Friday. If you hire a live-out nanny, they only do babysitting if agreed in advance, and the live-out nanny cost is somewhat more than the live-in nanny cost.

Daily nannies can be in sole charge of the children and they perform "nursery duties", the same way a live-in Babysitter would. And the live-out nanny cost is a bit higher than the live-in nanny cost.

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