Male Nannies or "Mannies"

Some families prefer to have a "manny" for their children

Some families prefer to hire a male nanny to care for their children (a "manny").

They may prefer to have a male nanny because, for example, they have all boys, or if the employer is a single mother.

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Mannies are not as common as female nannies

We estimate that less than 5% of childcarers are male. This does make it more difficult to find and hire a manny, but it is certainly not impossible.

A male nanny will do exactly the same duties as would a female nanny. They are paid exactly the same as a female nanny, and their pay relates to their qualifications and/or experience.

Male and female nannies can be "sole charge" which means that the parents of the children are not at home, or they can work alongside the mother or parents.

Mannies may hold a childcare qualification, or have previous experience of being a male nanny. They look after babies and children of all ages.

If you are interested in hiring a manny, please get in touch with your local Tinies "manny" agency branch, who will be able to assist you in your search.

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