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Maternity nannies and nurses support parents in the first weeks or months of their newborn baby's life

We have a dedicated Tinies Maternity Nannies & Nurses service to help families who are looking for maternity childcare for when their new baby is born.

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Why hire a maternity nanny?

Tinies maternity nannies can offer help with routines, sleeping and feeding and provide essential advice on how to care for your new baby.

Maternity nannies and nurses offer excellent support for first time mothers, but they also can be hired to help busy households where there is a new brother and sister being welcomed to the family.

Find a maternity nurse with Tinies Maternity Nanny Agency

If you're looking for a maternity nanny, maternity nurse, doula or a night nanny, then our dedicated Tinies Maternity service is here to help you.

We'll advise you on the best maternity care solution for your needs and then we will source the best maternity nannies for your position.

We help families in London and across the UK find the very best childcare.

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