What is a Mothers' Help?

A mothers' help provides support for mum, caring for children in the home on a full time or part time basis

Mothers' Helps can be live-in or live-out and they tend to do the same sort of hours as a nanny.

If you're wondering what the difference between a Mother's Help and a nanny is, generally a Mother's Help does not yet have enough experience to be left in constant sole charge of children.

If you're looking for a Mothers' Help agency for your family, Tinies can help.

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A little bit about Mothers' Helps

A Mother's Help is not a cleaner

Mother's Helps normally work alongside the mother, caring for the children.

A Mother's Help is not a cleaner, and so is not expected to do household duties, but she will do "nursery duties" i.e. doing the children's washing and ironing, keeping their rooms tidy, clearing away the toys, cooking for the children and clearing up in the kitchen afterwards.

A Mother's Help may also do light duties such as the family shopping, or loading and unloading the family washing.

All duties should be discussed and agreed in advance with the Mothers' Help you hire. Salaries vary depending upon the job description and part of the country. Your local Tinies agency will be able to advise you on the costs.

Do you need a part-time Mother's Help?

Some families may be looking at having a Mother's Help for a short period to have an extra pair of hands to help out. Others may want a childcarer that works full time in their home.

All childcare positions can be temporary or permanent, full time or part time. It all depends what your family needs.

Part time childcarers can work any periods of a few hours a day to 4 days per week. However it is much harder to find a Mother's Help or other childcare for short periods of time during the day.

If you need greater flexibility, you might want to consider a nanny share.

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