Live-in nannies and live-out nannies look after children in the home, offering individual care

Nannies can be "sole charge" which means that the parents of the children are not at home, or they can work alongside the mother or parents.

A complete care package is offered by a nanny, as they also clean up after the children and cook. They may live-in the home, or be 'daily nannies' and live-out.

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A little about nannies...

Childcare qualifications and experience

Nannies may hold a childcare qualification, or have previous experience of being a nanny. They look after babies and children of all ages.

Salaries vary enormously according to the type of job you're hiring a nanny to do, which part of the UK you're in, and the hours required.

Your local Tinies nanny agency will be able to advise you on nanny costs.

Live-in nannies vs. live-out daily nannies

It often works out cheaper to have a live-in nanny, but that's because accommodation is provided for free. The childcare responsibilities of your nanny will be agreed in advance.

You can discuss with Tinies whether a live-in nanny or a live-out daily nanny would be best for your family.

Find out the differences between a live-in nanny and a live-out nanny

Full time or part time nannies 

All nanny positions can be temporary or permanent or full time or part time.

Some families may be looking at having a nanny for anything up to 6 months, perhaps to cover an existing nanny's maternity leave, for example.

We also have nannies who can do holiday cover, or go abroad with a family on a vacation, to be an extra pair of hands.

Proxy parents

These are nannies who can take over from parents who have to go away from their children.

The Nanny / Proxy Parent lives in the house with the children 24 hours a day for as long as required - this is most typical where parents go away for a long weekend or have to be away on business.

Part time nannies

Part time nannies can work any periods of a few hours a day to 4 days per week. However it is harder to find childcare for short periods of time during the day, therefore you may consider a nanny share.

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Using Tinies enabled me to recruit a new nanny very rapidly but with confidence. Tinies sourced suitable candidates within 24 hours and provided detailed CV, DBS and reference information that was very reassuring. They even provided a draft contract and legal advice line and checked regularly on my satisfaction. Money well spent.
Sally, London