Nanny Housekeepers

Childcare support and household chores

Most normal nanny positions only require a nanny to do "nursery duties", which is all things pertaining to the children, such as their cooking, washing and clearing up. It does not involve doing any domestic or household chores.

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Nannies that perform household and childcare duties

Unlike a normal nanny job, Nanny Housekeepers can be hired to do both childcare and household duties.

Nanny Housekeeper positions work best if you have older children at school, as the nanny can combine looking after the children with shopping, cooking and light housework.

The job can be either live-in or live-out, depending upon your requirements and whether you can offer accommodation.

Nanny PA / Nanny Personal Assistant

The role of a Nanny PA is becoming more popular amongst working parents.

At Tinies we have a number of clients who own their own businesses, who require help with their childcare and with their business.

We have found them a "Girl/Guy Friday" who has childcare experience, and has also worked in an office, or has good IT and communication skills.

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