Nanny Shares

Nanny shares are becoming increasingly popular and have many advantages. The nanny is employed by more than one family to care for the children in each family

Nanny share arrangements can help to reduce the costs of childcare, but it can also be a good way of allowing an only child to socialise with other children without going to nursery.

It can also increase your chances of finding a nanny, particularly if you are only looking for childcare for a few days a week or a few hours a day.

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Advantages of sharing a nanny

Nanny shares can work in a number of ways:

  • Two families share the nanny all the time, so the nanny cares for both sets of children all the time
  • The nanny looks after one family some of the time and the other family for some of the time
  • The families can divide the time equally, so the nanny goes to one home for half the week, and the other home for the rest of the week.

The decision about how the time is arranged will partly depend on how many children need looking after, and your own requirements.

The smaller the number of children both families have, the easier to look after them all at the same time. As the families grow larger it may be more difficult to manage.

Who can I share a nanny with?

You can either share with someone you know, or with someone you don't know. It helps if both families live locally. If you are going to share with a friend, then still ensure that it is a business relationship.

If you would like to do a nanny share but don't know anyone to share with, then Tinies can help with that too!

How do we work out our needs?

You will need to talk to your nanny share partner and work out:

  • What your childcare needs are
  • How you both want them to be managed.

For example:

  • How many hours do you each need a nanny?
  • Where will the nanny be working?
  • What salary will the nanny be offered?
  • Will she be offered any other perks or benefits?
  • Who is going to take responsibility as the employer or will it be shared? (This is often determined by the pay and tax situation*)
  • What qualities does the nanny need to have?

* We recommend that you talk to one of our Nanny Payroll partners for advice on tax with nanny shares.

How do we find the right nanny?

Tinies can help you find the right nanny for your nanny share arrangement. We have particular expertise with dealing with nanny shares, and as they are more common, nannies are more willing to work for more than one family.

Greater flexibility in a nanny share

There are several advantages for many families:

  • Your children will have the best of both worlds. Almost individual care, but with other children for play and company
  • You have the flexibility of a nanny with lower costs
  • You will have additional backup if the nanny is ill - you could share the childcare between both families.

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