Weekend Nanny in the UK

Many parents use Tinies to find a temporary nanny, or a weekend nanny, when they don't need someone to look after their children on a full time basis

Nannies can be hired to work on a temporary or permanent, or full time or part time basis. It really is up to the needs of the family.

Some parents may only want to find a temporary nanny to work at certain times in the year, or a weekend babysitter or nanny to provide a much needed extra pair of hands over the weekend.

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Tinies can help you find a weekend nanny or weekend childcare

At Tinies we understand that not all parents work Monday to Friday. Our Tinies nanny agencies are used to finding weekend babysitters or nannies for families.

Some parents require a weekend nanny to help out with a large family, typically with over 4 children, as the weekends can be a very busy time.

Our weekend nannies or babysitters can help with the car journeys to matches or sport practice, or can stay at home with the younger children whilst the parents rush around with the older siblings.

A weekend nanny can also help you as parents relax and make the most of your time off work.

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Looking for a temporary nanny?

If your family requires an extra pair of hands during the holidays, or at certain times of the year, Tinies can help source you a temporary nanny or weekend childcare.

Many parents look for a weekend nanny or temporary nanny to cover the school holidays, and hire the temporary nanny from anything from 1 week to 6 weeks.

Even though you are looking for a weekend childcare or temporary nanny, we do not treat you any differently from parents looking for a permanent nanny.

It is just as important to find the right childcare fit for your family, and to do all the necessary checks to ensure your children are safe in the hands of our Tinies' temporary nanny.

We can also find temporary nannies to take on holiday with you. Read more about our holiday nannies, or if you're interested in knowing more about hiring a weekend babysitter or temporary nanny please get in touch.

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Tinies helps make the process of finding a new permanent or temporary nanny much less stressful. I have used Tinies four times now over a number of years, and each time they have found me someone lovely to look after my children.
Sarah, London