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Deciding on your nanny's salary? We advise that you agree nanny salary on a gross wage with your nanny

In the nanny industry net-wage agreements are surprisingly common. But a net wage agreement can have serious financial implications for both the employer and the employee.

By agreeing a net nanny salary the employer is essentially writing a blank cheque - committing to pay ALL tax and NI contributions on behalf of their nanny, irrespective of any changes in the legislation and without taking into account her individual tax code or tax position.

Agree the nanny salary on a gross wage basis

A gross nanny salary protects the employer's total costs and means they will not be affected by changes in the legislation, nor will they run the risk of getting lumbered with any unpaid tax from their nanny's previous employment.

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Nanny payroll provided by Nannytax or Nanny Matters

At Tinies we work closely with two specialist childcare payroll companies.

They can provide you with a fully comprehensive nanny payroll service, as well as advice and full legal support relating to the employment and nanny salary.

Tinies recommends these childcare payroll companies:

  1. Nannytax on 020 3137 4401 or [email protected]
  2. Nanny Matters on 01275 464 425 or [email protected]

Employing a nanny

Becoming an employer, especially for the first time, can be both stressful and confusing and without working knowledge of the tax system and current employment law you are entering a minefield.

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Nanny payroll calculator

Use Nannytax's payroll calculator to help you work out the difference between "net" and the actual "total" cost to you as an employer of a nanny.

Payroll Calculator


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