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Nursery in Dire Need of Staff, Tinies Steps In to Urgently Assist

by: Amelia Reeves-TIbbs, Tinies Cambridgeshire


The Story

This client is a deputy manager of a large, busy nursery located in central Cambridge. With a passion for early childhood education, she ensures that the nursery provides a safe, nurturing, and stimulating environment for all children. 

The Challenge

The deputy manager of the nursery approached us in desperate need of qualified staff. The nursery was struggling to maintain the required staff-to-child ratios, and without additional qualified staff, they would have to turn parents away. This shortage put the nursery at risk of failing to meet legal requirements and providing adequate care for the children. The deputy manager emphasised the urgency of the situation, as the nursery’s ability to operate effectively and support the families relying on their services was at stake. Tinies stepped in to help resolve this critical issue. 

Why Tinies?

The deputy manager sought assistance from Tinies to address their staffing requirements promptly. With a pressing need for qualified personnel, the nursery turned to Tinies for swift support. Pleased with the consistently high-quality candidates provided, they opted to maintain their partnership, ensuring a steady stream of skilled professionals whenever needed. 

The Solution

The deputy manager urgently contacted Tinies, detailing the nursery’s pressing staffing needs. Tinies promptly responded, swiftly providing cover within the nursery. Tinies emphasised open communication for additional staffing requirements, assuring the nursery of priority status. Tinies pledged to consistently deliver high-quality candidates, maintaining rigorous vetting processes to ensure the nursery receives top-tier staff. 

Tinies steps in during emergencies, ensuring smooth nursery operations without ratio issues. The nursery prefers Tinies staff weekly for their expertise. The deputy manager praised Tinies’ communication and flexibility, providing top-notch candidates even last-minute and shared ”Tinies staff’s rapport with children is so great, they seem like permanent team members! 



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