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Nursery in Search of Agency’s Creative Care!

by: Amelia Reeves-Tibbs, Tinies South East London


The Story

Funshine has been operating since 1998, consistently striving to maintain best practices in line with OFSTED’s requirements. Despite having their own core team, they needed urgent temporary cover and sought external support. 

The Challenge

Staff sickness was the nurseries main issue, prompting them to seek outside support from an agency to provide necessary staff cover. However, after trying another agency who were unable to support their needs they sought support elsewhere.  

Why Tinies?

Tinies South East London was recommended to the nursery by their sister branch, which had been receiving temporary staff support from Tinies. After a negative experience with another agency, Funshine chose Tinies, impressed by our proactive and successful support to their sister nursery. 

The Solution

Tinies discussed needs with the nursery manager, so that Tinies could understand the nursery’s requirements and the qualities that they were seeking in a Nursery Practitioner. Tinies then alerted their expanding candidate pool about upcoming staff gaps to initiate the hiring process. 

Tinies consistently delivered top-notch candidates, ensuring nursery compliance, whether qualified or unqualified. The nursery manager was ecstatic with Tinies South East London service, praising the after-hours support and the ease of sending urgent requests via WhatsApp. The nursery manager considered Tinies speed of response and methodology a ‘game changer’, providing convenience and fostering a strong, friendly yet professional bond and expresses her gratitude for Tinies continued communication and efforts. 



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