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When it comes to childcare, parent's needs can be very different

With over 30 nanny agencies in the UK, advertising 738 childcare jobs online, Tinies is the best place for you to find your next childcare role.

Tinies specialises in all types of nanny jobs, including part time/full time nanny jobs, mothers' helps, nanny housekeepers, and maternity nurses. Plus we work with some of the best nurseries in the UK to find their nursery supply and permanent staff.

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Babysitting jobs

A babysitting job is where childcarers look after children in the evenings. Babysitting is usually in the parents own home for a short period of time whilst they are out for the evening, or at a hotel where Tinies have built up a babysitting service.

Many of our excellent nannies will work as a babysitter, or an emergency nanny.

Other types of childcare jobs in the UK

While we offer lots of childcare opportunities, there are some types of childcare roles that we do not supply. This is because they are governed by different rules, or they are considered in home businesses. You will find these types of childcare roles listed below.

Au pair jobs

Au pairs are foreign girls or boys who are able to assist the mother with household and childcare responsibilities but are usually not qualified to be left in sole charge of your children.

You should be aware, however, that an Au Pair should never be expected to take sole charge of children under the age of 3 years. Only a nanny has sufficient skills and experience to take such responsibility.

Tinies does not supply au pairs to parents, or find childcarers au pair jobs.

We will be happy to recommend an Au Pair Agency if you are interested in working as an au pair. Please contact your local Tinies agency for more details.

Childminder jobs

A childminder is someone who looks after children in their own home. Whilst standards vary, lists or registered childminders are available from your local Children's Information Service.

Childminders must be registered by Ofsted in England/Wales, and regulated by the Care Inspectorate in Scotland. Most childminders work in their own homes, sometimes with a partner or assistant.

Childminders are self-employed and negotiate a fee with parents for the service they provide. Childminders must have had basic training and hold Public Liability Insurance. Visit PACEY for more information.

Tinies does not find or supply childminders to parents.

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