Newly Qualified in Childcare

It's often difficult for newly qualified childcarers to find the perfect childcare job. Families and settings can be reluctant to take on someone straight out of college regardless of their skills

Newly Qualified in Childcare

Starting out in your career in childcare can be daunting and exciting all at the same time. You may have gianed experience during your studies, or you may be ready to start looking for your first ever childcare role. When starting out, you may find that most employers want experience as well as qulifications. At Tinies we're happy to help you find roles where you can gain this experience - setting you up for the future.

Options for newly qualified childcarers

With over 30 local nanny agencies across the UK, Tinies will work with you to ensure you're taking the right first steps in your childcare career.

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Apply for an apprenticeship

More and more settings are taking on apprentices as they look to train the next generation of chidcarers. If you're interested in looking for a childcare apprenticeship in your area, contact Tinies Training.

Gain experience with a Mother's Help job

If you're a newly qualified nanny, often the best and most rewarding alternative to a sole charge nanny job, is to look for a Mother's Help job.

With the right family you'll be fulfilling exactly the same role as a nanny and you can have the added advantage of companionship with the mother. As time goes on in the job, you will often have periods of sole charge to build up your experience of working on your own with children.

Nursery jobs when newly qualified

You might prefer to build up some experience by finding a nursery job.

Tinies has very strong links with a number of nurseries, plus we run our own nurseries throughout the UK. We're happy to recommend  nurseries that will look after you in your new career.

Holiday club jobs when starting out

An excellent alternative for a newly qualified childcarer, is working as a children's rep with a holiday company, such as Thomson, First Choice or Mark Warner.

Tinies also runs its own fun Kids Clubs nationwide. As a newly qualified childcarer, by signing up with your local agency, we'll be able to discuss which jobs in childcare would best suit you.

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