Part Time Childcare Jobs

Tinies can help you find a part time childcare job, a temporary childcare job, or even a role as an emergency nanny!

There is an increasing demand for part time nannies, as more parents are working part time. As a result there are fewer full time nanny jobs.

As the leading nanny agency in the UK, with over 30 branches and 739 childcare jobs listed, we're also the best people to advise on your childcare career.

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Finding part time childcare jobs with Tinies

If you want to work 4 or 5 days a week, then you should consider taking on two part time childcare roles.

The more flexible you are, the easier it is for us to find a family who have a part time job that will be suitable.

If you're looking for a part time childcare job, then you may find employment through Tinies in a nanny share. This is when two families get together to employ a nanny for their children. You may end up with both sets of children on all days, or alternate between caring for one family's children on one day, and the other family's children on the other days.

Temporary childcare jobs

Tinies has lots of different temporary childcare jobs throughout the UK. Some families may be looking at having a nanny for anything up to 6 months, e.g. to cover an existing nanny's maternity leave.

We have jobs for short periods, such as 1 week or a few weeks. For the summer and other school holidays, there is plenty of temporary nanny work around to cover holidays, and often opportunities to go abroad with a family on vacation, to be an extra pair of hands.

Tinies also has a number of childcare vacancies with holiday companies (such as Scott Dunn and In2Action) for summer and winter work. Plus we have opportunities for childcarers to work on cruise ships. Speak to your local Tinies agency for more information.

Tinies may have Proxy Parent jobs

These are jobs where the parents require a nanny who can take over from them whilst they are away from their children.

The Proxy Parent lives in the house with the children 24 hours a day for as long as required - this is most typical where parents go away for a long weekend or have to be away on business.

Emergency nanny jobs

If you're looking for flexible hours, varied work and above all excellent rates of pay, then you may want to consider working as a Tinies emergency nanny.

Working as an emergency nanny would appeal to part-time nannies, semi-retired qualified childcarers, nannies between jobs, or qualified nannies that would like to make some extra money.

Tinies also works closely with Emergency Childcare to provide premium emergency nannies for its service. Nannies are provided to the general public and to parents that work for Bright Horizons' and My Family Care's corporate clients.

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