The Adventures of Lamby: A curse or a privilege?

I often ask myself, is it a curse or a privilege to be a child's favourite toy?



There are most certainly benefits; you get to go on daytrips, foreign holidays, heck you even have birthday parties and best of all you get cuddled (albeit in a headlock) all night.

Round the world travels

I don't exaggerate when I say Lamby goes everywhere with my daughter. It's true, and there is often a tale to tell at the end of it all. I remember one of the first times we took Lamby on holiday - like everyone I love a holiday with the family but it's true that you don't relax until you've checked your luggage, been through security and arrived in the departures lounge (or the pub to be more precise).

Stuffed toys and security scanners

This one time, we were getting ready to go through security, which is stressful enough, when it's just one adult, but trying to go through with two toddlers, two pushchairs, two Trunki's and our own hand luggage was horrific - especially when my daughter had a complete meltdown. Trying to explain to her that she couldn't carry Lamby through security and instead he had to go in the tray, down the conveyor belt and be scanned by the TV, you'd have sworn I told her she would never see him again!

She threw herself on the floor (kicking her arms and legs in protest), no matter how many soothing words I used, she didn't want to hear any of it and just repeated, growing louder and louder 'Lamby, I want Lamby'. There was nothing for it and I had pretty much had to wrestle my daughter (who was now rigid) and escort her through the body scanner - not a great start to the holiday, but at least Lamby got to spend a fortnight in the sun with us!

It's not all glamourous

But there are negatives too; you go on the mundane trips to the supermarket, you tend to get a little dog-eared in your appearance, and worst of all, you can be replaced at any time!

However, my daughter has become an expert at making these everyday excursions exciting for Lamby. He can be tossed high into the air, swung around by his legs and fortunately (or unfortunately) Lamby has been blessed with lovely long limbs which can be used to tie him to the supermarket trolley - giving him the appearance of a trapeze artist for Cirque du Soleil! It's almost impossible to tell whether he is enjoying or hating the experience.

I might be more upset about losing Lamby than she is

It's the thought of him being replaced that upsets me the most. Lamby has been such a loyal companion for my daughter that I can't imagine her without him. It was only the other day that my daughter said Lamby could now stay in the car when we walk into school and sometimes, he gets stuffed in my coat pocket when we go out - does this mean that he is going to become surplus to requirements soon? I understand it is only natural, and I know it's ridiculous, but Lamby is part of our family and I'd hate for him not to be included!

Kath, Mother of 2 children - and Lamby!


Stay tuned to read more adventures of Lamby next month as he gets up to more shenanigans.

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