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If you want to hire a nanny in the UK, your local Tinies agency is
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Tinies Nanny Screening Services

If you're employing a nanny without using an agency, we can help with all the essentials

We know finding a nanny can be daunting. There's the list of duties, defining the right personality - advertising and searching - and then sifting through nanny applications to ensure your shortlist for interview reflects your needs. And then the final selection!

When you've finally found the ideal nanny, before you extend an offer of employment to your nanny, you need to get references, and nanny safety checks are essential. All this before you even think about the legal side of things and your responsibilities as an employer... Phew.

Reduce some of the time and stress when employing a nanny

We can assist with any aspect of hiring a nanny that concerns you - or if you just want the hassle factor taken away. Buy any service individually or in combination.

Tinies Nanny Screening Services

Nanny DBS / Access NI Check

The nanny criminal records background check is the means by which you can check if your prospective nanny has a criminal history.

We'll process the Enhanced DBS police check (or the Access NI check for nannies in Northern Ireland) on your behalf and track it until a disclosure is obtained. We keep you updated every step of the way.

If you would like to continually check your nanny's criminal status whilst they are employed by you, you can also sign them up for the Update Service when they applies for their DBS. Please note that the cost charged by Tinies is for the initial DBS and Update Service. The nanny would need to pay the ongoing annual update service fee from the first anniversary of signing up.


Nanny Reference Check

Gaining a reference for your nanny is one of the nanny safety checks that will give you peace of mind that you have made the right decision.

We use our expertise to provide a thorough and detailed nanny reference for your prospective employee. We endeavour to have your nanny references back within 10 working days.


Nanny Job Advert

Writing an effective nanny advert is the starting point to attract the right nanny for your family. It takes skill and experience to get it right.

If you're thinking of advertising for a nanny, we can take the stress away by ensuring that you have a clear view of what you want - then incorporating those needs into a tailored nanny job advert for you to use.


Nanny CV Vetting

With the deluge of applicants for each nanny job advert, sorting the wheat from the chaff can be a daunting task.

With over 30 years of childcare experience, we alleviate the strain by obtaining a clear idea of your nanny requirements and using that to sift through your candidates and compile a short list. A shortlist of nanny CVs with comments will be provided.


Nanny Employment Contract

When you've found the ideal nanny (and nanny checks are completed) - it's time to put an employment contract for you and your nanny together.

It's essential you get this part right to avoid difficulties in the future. We provide a draft nanny employment contract that can then be tailored to your requirements.


Scottish Nanny Tax Letter

Often when parents hire a nanny in Scotland, they don't realise that their nanny must be registered with an employment agency to claim Tax Credits (or use Childcare Vouchers to pay for their salary).

We can supply you with all you need to give to the relevant authorities.This means interviewing the nanny, taking references, compiling a CV, doing an ID check and obtaining an enhanced PVG Check.

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Just wanted to say a big Thank You for finding our nanny for us, she was amazing and our daughter really loved having her. Thanks once again and I will be in touch.
Sally, Northants