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Concerns Over Ofsted Registration of Nannies

For many years now, we have been deeply concerned about the lack of checks done by Ofsted when nannies apply to be registered



Just to give you more history on this, the nanny registration scheme was set up to allow parents the opportunity to use their childcare vouchers when employing nannies. Previously parents had only been able to use the vouchers to pay for places at nurseries or childminders.

Complicated application process

When the scheme was first introduced it was run by Sure Start, who did a very good job. Then it was transferred to Ofsted, and that is when the problems started. The Ofsted application process is by no means straightforward.

However, we were horrified to discover that no checks were carried out when a nanny registers, except for a CRB being undertaken. Nannies were simply asked to confirm on the application form that they had the relevant skills, that they had up to date first aid, and that they had insurance in place.

Tinies nanny agency concerns

These concerns were highlighted to Ofsted, and as a result they do now ask for copies of first aid certificates. However a Tinies agency discovered an even worse loop hole, when an illegal immigrant with a fake visa attempted to register with us, who had already successfully registered with Ofsted. She was shown the door by our consultant and we reported it, but she had a valid certificate with the Ofsted stamp on it that she could have shown to any unsuspecting parent who then hired her as a nanny.

We highlight our concerns because we want to safeguard children and warn parents of the pitfalls. Parents will naturally assume that if a nanny is Ofsted registered, that they will have been checked. But from our experience, this is clearly not the case.

Goverment inquiry into Ofsted

We understand that the government has launched an inquiry into the role and performance of Ofsted, mainly looking at the inspection side but also taking into account all of its performance. We would urge people to email their concerns about Ofsted so that changes can be made.

Amanda Coxen, Working Mum and Tinies Director

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