Do You Exist in Photos?

Many women feel self-conscious appearing in photos. Martine takes a look at why this is and why it's important for mothers to step in front of the camera instead of behind for a change.



Now here's a question for all the mums out there - do you exist in photos? If you are like me then you are always taking photos of your kids! At every opportunity your camera, or more likely your phone, if we're being honest, will be snapping away at every momentous occasion in your child's life. Absolutely everything is documented!

But when was the last time you got your photo taken?

The reason I ask is because recently I was told to provide a photo of myself for work. That won't be difficult, I thought...I'm always taking photos. But, as I trawled through photo after photo I realised that in fact, I do not take any photos of myself! Apart from a few selfies with my kids (which were certainly not acceptable for work) there was nothing! Too often we, as parents, get caught up in the idea that we want to remember everything about our child's life and so we create lots of memories with photos and videos of them. We love to look back on them and remember the days they were taken. But have you ever thought that your children might want evidence that you were there that day too? Children love to see pictures of their parents and having their photos taken with their parents so why should we deprive them of this? Can you imagine your child in 10 years time, looking through a family album and not finding any photos of you in it?

So why do so many mums not get their photos taken? Well if you're like me, I'm sure you've always got an excuse! How many of these responses have you used? "Oh no don't take my photo..."

• My hair's a mess

• I've got no make-up on

• I need to lose weight

• I don't know what to do in a photo

• I can never relax when I get my photo taken

• I hate seeing photos of myself

• I just want the kids - I don't need to be in them.

The importance of letting yourself be in photos

Gerri of Gerri Campbell Photography, a local photographer, has heard them all! Gerri specialises in lifestyle photography and a large proportion of her clients are families. She got so frustrated at hearing these comments that she created a campaign (#existinphotos) to encourage mums to get in front of a camera. She followed this up with another mantra (#itsnotallaboutyou) which basically means that you should think about your family because they will want memories of you even if you don't! Her philosophy is that these photos one day are going to be the most precious things to your kids as it will be all that is left to cherish when you are gone! Maybe this is a bit morbid but you know what? It is so true! My daughter was not even 2 when I lost my sister and so she barely remembers her. But my children, even my son who never met her, feel that they know her because we talk about our memories and these memories are evoked by the photos and videos that we have of her. So get out there and take lots of photos of all the family. Just think, in the future your children will love to look at those pictures. And I'm sure that they will be amazed at how young you looked and probably even more astounded at the clothes that you were wearing!

Martine Nadler, mother and owner of Tinies Glasgow

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