Introducing the Adventures of Lamby

Keeping an eye on Lamby is a full time job in our household - he is after all the most important member of the family



Having a favourite toy can be very stressful work indeed, and I often joke, well; semi-joke, to friends that I always check I have Lamby with me when leaving soft play before my actual children!

Her favourite toy

My youngest, who is 4, is particularly obsessed by her favourite toy, Lamby. She has had him pretty much from birth, granted we are on version 3 - but she is not aware of this. He goes everywhere with her and has had some particularly nasty scrapes along the way.

Not so long ago, we took the girls to the zoo for the day and poor Lamby got dropped in to the Meerkat enclosure and they pounced on him. We stood back in horror as the Meerkats sniffed, scratched and pulled on all four limbs - luckily my husband leapt in to action and managed to scoop Lamby out of their clutches with the hook of a Minnie Mouse umbrella, whilst I prodded them away with my Disney Princess umbrella. Thank goodness it was a rainy day!!

Lamby gets lost on a regular basis

As I mentioned earlier, we have managed to lose Lamby on a number of occasions. The first time, my mother-in-law lost him whilst in town - my daughter was very young, so probably didn't notice - but I was beside myself thinking of poor Lamby left out in the wet and cold, so that evening I was on a mission. I drove around our town centre in search of a new Lamby, but to no avail. I rushed home and quickly ordered a replacement online - what did we do before online shopping and next day delivery?

The next time we 'lost' Lamby, I was convinced we'd left him at our supermarket. My daughter was almost 4 at this time so she was very aware of the situation and was very upset (there were lots and lots of tears). I promised I would drive back to the shop and look for him (which I did). He wasn't there, I already knew we would need to order another replacement but what was I going to tell my daughter?

Lamby encourages the "white" liar within

When I got home, she was stood at the top of the stairs all expectant and hopeful. I hated to disappoint her so decided to tell a 'little white lie'.

"I found Lamby," I said "but he's had a little accident and he has a big tear on his tummy."

"Will he be ok?" she asked concerned.

"Of course, he will but he needs to go to Toy Hospital for a couple of days," I lied. "The doctors will sow him up and give him a good wash so he looks all nice and new."

She seemed to accept that and for the next couple of days we sent some 'Get Well' cards to Toy Hospital and we phoned the nurse (skilfully played by my mother) on a regular basis to get some updates on his condition.

Sneaky Lamby!

All was going well with the plan, and then to my surprise when I was emptying out the ironing basket on Sunday night, who was lying at the bottom... Lamby - he'd never even left the house!!!

We still made a big charade of Lamby being dropped home by the Toy Hospital the next day, of course the drop off had to be coordinated to happen when we were out! My daughter was beyond happy and never actually asked why he didn't look brand new and instead was his usual tatty self.

But the lie hadn't quite finished. A couple of days later a parcel arrived with Lamby's replacement - I was tempted to hold him in reserve, but my daughter caught sight of it and with her active imagination announced that 'Rosie, Lamby's cousin' had come to live with us!

I am so grateful we found the original Lamby, as he is still be far her favourite - poor Rosie doesn't get a look in!!

No matter how stressful it can be caring for our precious 'Lamby' I know it is all worth it when I see how comforted my daughter is by having him in her life.

Dare I admit that I'm rather found of him too!!!

Kath, Mother of 2 children - and Lamby!

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