New Year 2016 and the January Blues

With another year mysteriously passed, it's time for me to work out a strategy to make the most out of the new one



Where has the year gone? I remember my mum always saying that clearly. So I'm turning into my mum, although I probably did that some years ago now.

2015 flew by

But I honestly think that 2015 was the Usain Bolt of all years. It took a bit of time to take off, but then once it did, it literally flew by.

I distinctly remember January 2015 and looking at my two boys and thinking we've got a whole year of fun ahead. We did have a year of fun, but it went by so quickly that I think I forgot to enjoy it.

And now here we are, January 2016, and I'm feeling a bit depressed if I'm honest.

The January blues

For me, January is the worst month of the year. My favourite time of year, Christmas, has been and gone. The decorations have been stored back in their boxes and my carols have been silenced for another year (much to my husband's delight).

The boys' new toys lie neglected in their bedrooms, after the initial excitement has worn off and they are back to building things with broken bits of Lego from an old box. And finally the Christmas tree is lying dead in the garden, which pretty much sums it all up really.

Summer is a long way off

Not only that, but I've got to wait a good few months until May, which is my second best time of year because we have 3 birthdays to celebrate and the sun normally shines around about then.

Plus I know I have to start a diet and exercise regime if I have any hope of shifting the Christmas pounds before the summer. The problem is that the cupboard is full of chocolate and sweets from the boys' stockings and I hate to see things go to waste. So instead they go onto my waist. And hips. And thighs.

Making a fresh start

So what exactly is there to look forward to in January 2016, other than tax bills and credit card debt?

Well, I'm going to shake off the blues, start afresh and think positive thoughts. So here goes:

  1. Snow: I love the snow. I know it is a huge disruption to business and travel and everything else if you live in England (and not in Scandinavia where life goes on as normal even in a blizzard). But I love it. In fact, I want it to snow so hard that the schools close and the roads become impassable and then the boys and I can go tobogganing on the Downs.
  2. Spring clean: I love cleaning, so this year I'm going to do my spring clean in January. I'm going to go through the whole house and de-clutter. That will burn off a few calories, get my endorphins going - plus, I may make a bit of cash by selling off my husband's possessions. He has clothes from the 1980s, which he says are vintage, but that's not the word I'd use for them.
  3. Celebrations: I've decided that as we are not wedded to any particular religion in our house, we can celebrate and learn about other religious festivals. So in January I'm going to draw up a calendar of celebrations for the year. This means we don't have to wait for Easter and Xmas to get excited. We can celebrate Nirvana Day on 15th Feb, which is a Buddhist festival (and not a nod to Kurt Cobain), and Purim, the Jewish holiday in March. Then there's the Hindu festival of lights for Diwali in October. Before rounding it off with Thanksgiving next November.

I'm determined not to get to the end of 2016 and go "Where has the year gone?" Instead I want to remember 2016 as a the best year yet.

Amanda Coxen, Working Mum and Tinies Director

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