Poldark - The Crush

Well, I think I've finally found my replacement for Tom Selleck and he goes by the name Aidan Turner, aka Poldark. I'll be first in line when the box set is out



My confession

I'm afraid that I have to admit to being one of those (sad) ardent fans of the recent Poldark series. I feel embarrassed making such a public admission that will forever remain embedded in the internet. But there it is.

Watching alone

Poldark was shown on Sundays, but I was unwilling to watch it with my husband. I knew he would have ridiculed the series, as would anyone probably with half a brain.

Being a Cornish boy, my other half would have laughed at the unusually clement weather for that part of the world, and the strange, mainly Yorkshire, accents. And the women wouldn't have captured his imagination as much as the men (man) captured mine.

Perils of downloads

Instead I've been downloading each episode and watching it on my commute to work, or even down at the gym.

And that is where I was on Monday, when I finally caught up on the final episode. I wish I'd been warned what a weepy final instalment it was going to be. It's not easy blowing your nose and wiping your eyes as you wrestle with a cross trainer. During one particularly sad scene, I nearly punched my eye out as I bent to retrieve another tissue.

Am I alone?

From the media reports, I'm not the only woman to be smitten by Poldark.

So what's the attraction? Dumb question really. I could say it was the beautiful Cornish scenery and the gripping story lines, but that would be a complete lie. It's Aidan. The amount of times I've seen him with his shirt off, I feel, qualifies us to be on first name terms. But for those of you unfamiliar with the series, Aidan Turner plays Ross Poldark, a brooding, beautiful, scythe-wielding hunk of a man.

Who is Aidan Turner?

I've been following this man's career for a while now. I first saw him in Being Human on TV but it was his incredibly authentic portrayal of a dwarf, called Kíli, in the Hobbit that truly captured my attention. I'm still surprised he didn't get any awards for it. Playing a dwarf that is sexy deserves at least a Bafta, don't you think?

Spoiler Alert... I remember my poor kids' embarrassment at having to see me snivelling (yes, I cry a lot) over the death of Kíli in the last instalment of the Hobbit.

Only a passing phase

This passing fancy will no doubt fade, as the other crushes have done over the years:

  • It started with Tom Selleck in Magnum, P.I. There was something about his moustache and hairy chest that made me write to him. And I got a reply, which I convinced myself was a personal love letter
  • Next up was Mel Gibson in The Bounty, with his beautiful ponytail. That poster stayed on my wall for years and the love was kept alive by the Mad Max years.

And so on and so on, with many gorgeous men to lust after and dream about. Until I met my husband, and all my dreams came true. Well, sort of. The lack of moustache and pony tail is a bit disappointing, but he does a pretty good impression of Daniel Craig striding out of the sea in his budgie smugglers.

There's nothing wrong with a celebrity crush. We've all had them. The key is not to blur fantasy with reality. So when I take my family to Cornwall this summer, I must not be disappointed if Poldark doesn't gallop by and sweep me off my feet - in the pouring rain.

Amanda Coxen, Working Mum and Tinies Director

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