First Day of School

Across the country, parents are this week dropping off a child or children for their first day of school. Today it was my turn



I was in pieces when my 7yr old had his first day at school

I was found sobbing in the playground by my husband. But with my second son, I just felt excited for him.

As for him, he was completely unaffected by the whole thing. His older brother was up and dressed in his uniform before 7am. But my 4yr old did not seem to pick up on the urgency or magnitude of the occasion. Still in his pyjamas, he was found building an obstacle course out of pillows and cushions.

I did feel a little shaky when I dropped him off at his classroom

But he just wandered in, smiled at everyone, and sat down next to his friend. I had to go over and hug him, because he certainly wasn't going to interrupt his fun to say goodbye to me.

I feel that I should have marked this occasion in a much better way

Some parents were videoing the event, and taking lots of pictures.

Mums were dressed up and Dads were there in their suits. I was in jeans, carrying bags of kit and sweating mostly. But maybe it is better for it to have been just a smooth transition, or treated as just an ordinary day. After all, we have many more future milestones to celebrate.

Amanda Coxen, Working Mum and Tinies Director

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