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My Child's First Day at School (Part 1)

So there I was. Tired through lack of sleep the night before, emotional and yet strangely relieved at the same time. I watched as all the other mums milled about, each one with the same expression, slight bewilderment tinged with worry



This was a HUGE day for all of us - our child's first day at school.

I should have been used to it, having done it all before with my son, but this seemed so final. She is my second and last. This really was it!

Freedom beckoned and I wasn't sure how I felt about it

Smiling politely at each other, nodding acknowledgement of the same fraught situation we were sharing, we hung around outside the class as the teacher slowly opened the door.

And in we went, children happily clinging on to our hands as we surged forwards, one by one entering the cloakroom, finding pegs, hanging up lunch bags and jackets, putting book bags in the plastic box.

A quick kiss and a cuddle…

A syllable or two and a smile for the teacher and it was over. It took a second to realise that was it. You can go now, leave, it's fine.

Suddenly I was back standing outside the class without her. Knowing I should leave now, I hovered a minute longer. I needed verification she was okay, and there it was - I looked through the classroom window to see my daughter happily sitting at a table with her new 'friends'.

She was going to be fine, and what's more, so was I.

Jayne, Working Mum and Freelance Editor

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It was a fantastic two weeks for my 4 year old daughter at Tinies Kids Clubs! She had a brilliant time and can't wait to return during the summer session. The team were great! Especially the Managers bespoke attention to each child and parent was outstanding. She is really an asset to the holiday camp - and will be great to keep her on for as long as possible!
Gloria, Brentford, Holiday Club