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Ofsted Inspection (Part 1)

I'm a registered nanny on the Ofsted Voluntary Childcare Register. A few weeks ago I had a phone call from Ofsted informing me I was one of the "lucky" 10% of nannies to be chosen to receive a visit from an inspector



Of course I use the term "lucky" very loosely

They decided to visit during the Easter holidays, which meant I had both children at home.

The inspector said that it is always good to see the children as well to assess a nanny's ability to deal with situations. And actually I agreed with her.

Inspection day!

The day arrives and I have hay fever and a virus with a very annoying cough which means I can't hold a conversation for more than 3 words.

I also have a 10 month old and a 3 year old who want my full attention and on top of that, I am also 17 weeks pregnant! But it is fine I am a professional nanny who can cope with anything...

The actual Ofsted inspection only lasted an hour and it really wasn't anything to be worried about

It was very relaxed and the inspector was very nice. She was very impressed with all my paper work, which I had prepared in advance (which I would recommend all nannies do).  She also liked the fact that I had won an award.

The interview was very straight forward and she was very easy to talk to and I soon realised there really wasn't anything to be nervous about.

In part 2, I'll give you my views on the Ofsted inspection and how to prepare yourself for it. If you want to know more about becoming a registered nanny, speak to your local Tinies branch.

If you're hiring a nanny, and want to pay her salary with childcare vouchers, read more about registering your nanny with Ofsted.

Katy Hayden, Professional Nanny of the Year 2009-2010

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