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Tinies has the largest selection of nursery jobs in the UK. Our jobs range from nursery assistant jobs, nursery nurse jobs, nursery manager jobs and nursery education jobs all the way through to area managers

Tinies has a wide range of nursery jobs available in leading nurseries and daycare settings throughout the UK.

We're often looking for dedicated nursery staff to join our temporary nursery teams. Contact Tinies to find hundreds of job opportunities in the UK.

So whether you're a nursery nurse, head of room, nursery assistant or nursery manager, Tinies childcare agencies can help you find your next nursery job opportunity, and that promotion you deserve!

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Working in a nursery

Once you register with Tinies, you have the opportunity to apply for our childcare jobs. These could be in leading nurseries, or you may consider working in a crèche or children's holiday club. After we receive your CV, you'll be invited for an interview and we can discuss your childcare career.

Tips on nurseries and nursery education jobs in the UK

Nurseries and daycare settings in the UK range in size from the very small (15 children in the nursery) to the large (150 children). Children who attend nurseries in the UK are aged mainly from 3 months to 5 years.

Nurseries are often split into rooms. The Baby Room normally takes children aged 3 months to 18 months, the Toddler Room takes children aged 18 months to 2.5 years, then the Preschool Room takes children aged 2.5 years to 5 years. Within those rooms, the nurseries are required to work within certain ratios of carers to children.

The layout of the nurseries varies enormously depending upon the size of the nursery, and how the nursery is organised. A manager and deputy manager run the nursery, and each Room normally has a Team Leader or Head of Room, who is in charge of that room. A key worker is also normally assigned to each child.

Permanent and temporary nursery jobs

Tinies specialises in the permanent placement of nursery staff in jobs, but is also a leading supplier of temps and nursery bank staff.

If you're looking for a nursery job that gives you flexibility and good pay, then you may want to consider registering with Tinies for temporary nursery work. Also, if you are between permanent jobs, it is an excellent way of maintaining an income and staying in the job market.

Nursery staff

Nursery staff work within a team, caring for the children, playing with the children and concentrating on child development, learning and education (these days you will be required to work within the framework of the Early Years Foundation Stage).

With the babies, nursery workers are required to provide a stimulating and safe environment, change their nappies, feed them, keep them clean, and follow their sleep routines. With toddlers upwards, then nursery staff will be required to do all sorts of activities with them, of a fun as well as educational nature. They will contribute to the planning and organisation of those activities. They will be required to keep them safe, clean and happy. They will be required to communicate with the parents and prepare reports.

A nurseries' staff is made up of qualified nursery nurses, nursery assistants, nursery teachers and education staff and normally college students gaining work experience. Each nursery will normally also have a Deputy Manager and a Manager.

Why work in a nursery?

There are many reasons why a job in a nursery could be the right job for you:

  1. Newly qualified: For many childcarers coming straight out of college, a position in a nursery helps them to build up their childcare experience, and give them the confidence to go on to other careers in childcare.
  2. Working in a team: Often nursery workers have chosen to work in a nursery because they enjoy the environment - they prefer to work with people rather than on their own. You have colleagues at the nursery to give you support and help, and with whom you can make new friends.
  3. Diversity: You may not know what age of children you prefer to work with. By working in a nursery, you will have the option of working with a wide range of children.
  4. Set hours: Nurseries have set hours, and therefore you are not going to be asked to stay late (as can often happen as a nanny). If you want to work extra hours, then you can always find work through the parents of the children at the nursery.
  5. Non-driver: If you do not have a driving licence, it can be difficult getting a nanny position, particularly if you live in rural areas. Therefore a nursery may be a better option for you.
  6. Career options: Working in a nursery exposes you to different career options, such as managerial roles, childcare course assessors, teaching positions etc.

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