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Our Favourite Healthy Halloween Party Treats

While everyone loves a sweet now and again, sweets full of sugar and other preservatives don't have to be the only thing on offer for Halloween. We've found some treats you can offer children with a clean conscience this Monday


More often than not, children return from their night of trick-or-treating with their bags and baskets filled with chocolate, crisps, and enough sweets to last them until Christmas. While there is nothing wrong with children having sweets occasionally, it doesn't have to be the only thing on offer for special occasions such as Halloween.  

If you want to add a little magic to your children's lunch boxes, or if you're throwing a children's Halloween party and would like to offer the guests something that will be both tasty and healthy, we've got some ideas for you. 

Banana ghosts and clementine pumpkins

Banana ghosts and pumpkins  

A good trick to get children to eat fruit and vegetables is to disguise them as something else. Few extras are needed to dress bananas and clementines up for Halloween to great effect. If only costumes for people were that simple to make.

Veggie skeleton

Veggie skeleton 

A little creativity can go a long way, like this veggie skeleton demonstrates. And who doesn't love crispy vegetables and dip? The only downside is that the skeleton will become unrecognizable very quickly once your children start digging in.

Chocolate dipped fruit

Chocolate dipped fruit 

Apples, strawberries and orange slices - they all taste delicious dipped in chocolate and covered in nuts or a bit of sea-salt. If you dip the fruit in dark chocolate, the treats can be healthier as well as enjoyable. 

Snap pea goblin grins

Goblin grins  

Add some personality to a favourite snack by using bell peppers and almond slivers to dress up your snap peas. Maybe not the scariest of treats, but these snap pea goblin grins have plenty of charm!  

Grape caterpillars

Grape caterpillars 

Not only are caterpillar-grapes-on-a-stick decorative and tasty, it's also a very practical way of serving grapes! A refreshing snack, grapes also contain antioxidants that are good for preventing many forms of diseases. 

Babybell eyeballs

Babybell eyeballs 

These spookily lifelike cheese eyeballs will scare and delight your children and their guests in equal measure - they might also enjoy helping you prepare them, unleashing their creativity by painting with ketchup - but they might like the help of a parent with a steady hand.

Witches brooms

Witches brooms 

Combining two children's favourites, string cheese and pretzel sticks, this snack is as easy to prepare as it's genius. This is a treat that will be enjoyed as much by grownups as by little witches, monsters and ghosts.   

Home-made Halloween crisps 

Home-made Halloween crisps

Are your children fans of crisps? Here's a creative and simple way you can make your own Halloween-themed crisps using only corn tortillas, Halloween-shaped cookie cutters, and flavouring of your choice. A great and healthy alternative to traditional crisps.


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