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Our Favourite Ways to Save Money on Your Family Food Shop

Is food shopping eating up most of your family budget? With a little planning and care you'll see that feeding your family shouldn't cost a fortune


Shopping for your entire family can be expensive, especially as your children get older and start eating like adults! Depending on your likes and dislikes families spend an average of £58 per week on their food shops. If you're overspending and looking for ways to save, we've found a few suggestions below. Some may seem pretty simple, but it's a good idea to look at our practices every now and then and see where we could save a few pennies.


Set yourselves a weekly and monthly budget. The weekly budget should include the needs, and the monthly budget should include a little buffer for a treat here and there. Stick to the budget and either start a penny pot or deposit the extra into a separate account, and see if you can save towards a goal over the year.


You've heard this before, but a list helps you buy what you need and not get sucked into the wants as you wander the isles. Having a general meal plan for the week also helps you buy things that can cross over meals, from a bag of carrots to what protein you're adding to your meals. Meal plans don't mean you need to know what you're having on Friday, but they give you a loose idea of what's in the fridge for each day.

Weekly shopping vs daily

It can be easy to stop by the shops at the end of the day and pick up a few bits and pieces, but you're more likely to be tempted by extras and you'll find the weekly bill is higher. There will be a few things that need replenishing during the week, like milk or a loaf of bread, but don't take your wallet to the shops, take just the right amount of money so that you don't end up with a packet of sweets or a fancy coffee.

Sale shopping

While it can be time consuming if you have the time shop the sales at different shops and see what's on offer - but remember to stick to your list. "Buy One Get One Free" offers are tempting, but if you don't need two of the same item, you may be spending money you don't need to. Look at the flyers you get through the letterbox and decide on your weekly meal plan based on what's on special offer.

Shopping online

This can help you stay in budget as you can see the total whenever you add something to the trolley, however beware of delivery prices. Use vouchers or see if you can arrange to be home during the cheapest delivery times.

Shop alone

Or keep the children occupied. Having an extra pair of hands can be helpful but you'll find there will be more items in the cart that aren't on the list. You can avoid this by shopping by yourself, or by making sure the children have a task to focus on, are well fed and avoid the sweets aisle!

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