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Our Favourite Ways to Relieve Teething Pains

There are certain times during a child's development when growing pains become evident. Here's how to alleviate the pains associated with teething


Be it achy legs or throbbing gums, as parents we want nothing more than to help alleviate any pain. During the early years it can be hard to know what's bothering your little one, but there are some things that are a given - teething is one of them!

Terrible teething?

Every child will react differently; some won't be fussed, some will get very rosy cheeks, and others will wail in agony.

We teamed up with the experts at Nelsons Baby to ask their advice on what you can do for your baby during this time:

"At around six months old your little one's personality will be beginning to develop, making it a super exciting time for parents. Not only will you be getting to know your baby's quirks and traits, but they will also be starting to meet some of their first big milestones - one of which is when their milky whites start to poke through their gums!

Although a milestone, teething can cause discomfort for baby, which can be stressful for parents - in fact, in a recent study we conducted, over a third (39%) stated that it's the most distressing ailment for parents!* Teething tots and their parents all need some help to provide relief from new and emerging teeth."

Tips from Nelsons Baby on relieving teething pains:

Warm bath

Nelsons Baby give tips on teethingTry putting your little one into a warm bath to help calm them down. After the bath, give your baby a gentle massage while rubbing baby oil on them.

Refridgerated toys

Keep teething toys in the fridge to help soothe gums. The coldness of the teething toy provides a numbing effect. If you don't have any teething toys, wet a clean washcloth and freeze it. Don't forget to freeze it in a plastic bag to keep the cloth clean!

Gentle pressure

Run a clean finger very gently over sore gums; the gentle pressure might help soothe the pain.

Help is at hand

If you're at your wits' end and nothing seems to be working, try giving your little one a product like Nelsons Teetha Teething Granules which can help relieve the symptoms associated with teething. If you are concerned about any symptoms that your baby may have; in particular, if they have a fever, consult your doctor.

Teething Granules

Try Nelsons Teetha Teething Granules

Nelsons Teetha Teething Granules is a homeopathic remedy specially formulated for the soothing and calming relief of the symptoms of teething.

It is ready-dosed in a convenient granule format that simply dissolves in a baby's mouth to help provide teething pain relief, and contains a 6c homeopathic potency of natural Chamomilla. Always read the label.

* According to a survey conducted on 2015 UK adults, by Atomik Research on behalf of Nelsons.

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