My Child's First Day at School (Part 2)

So, both kids now safely ensconced in the school routine, time to think about me!



Something I've always wondered about, and as previously mentioned in the Tinies Blog, is the subject of before and after school or 'wrap around' childcare.

Before and after school childcare

Breakfast and after school clubs

Of course we've all heard of breakfast and after school clubs, but often these only extend to 5pm, which is usually the time when most parents are leaving work themselves.

Can you employ a nanny to work these short hours?

If you have to travel some distance to and from work it is generally infeasible to be home before 6.30pm. So what's the solution?

Unless you choose to use a Nanny Share scheme which works well for some families (a good website to look at is, it is virtually impossible to employ a Nanny to work these short hours, and the Government are doing little to help.

Ideally you need a childcarer who will:

  • Pick up your children at 7.30am
  • Give them their breakfast
  • Drop them safely to school
  • Pick them up at home-time
  • Give them their tea
  • And drop them home again at a time to suit you…

... Leaving you free to get on with your working day. Simple right?

Not really. There seems to be a distinct lack of childcarers out there who are interested in this type of arrangement, with demand far out weighing supply. I think this is a shame.

More childcare options for mums

I'm convinced there must plenty of people out there, maybe stay at home mums qualified in childcare, who would love to earn a little extra money and for whom this would fit perfectly?

I know there have been instances of mums clubbing together to resolve these issues and there have been rumblings of this at our school gates, but I would love to see more options available to working parents.

Jayne, Working Mum and Freelance Editor


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