Uniting Generations

Tinies recognise the value of bringing generations together through shared activities and experiences, which is why we are supporting the United For All Ages Campaign to create 500 centres for all ages by 2023.

"United for All Ages is a social enterprise that aims to build a stronger Britain by bringing younger and older people together through shared sites, shared caring and shared interests." They advise that "Britain is one of the most age segregated countries in the world" and so Tinies wish to try and help do something about this.

The pressures of modern life can mean that all too often there are disconnects in our communities. Young and old may not get the opportunities to socially interact in their neighbourhood and as a result, both generations may form misconceptions about the other. Becoming victims of loneliness, exclusion, lack of confidence, trust and self-esteem that further divides generations.

In working towards the 500 centres goal, there are some amazing projects, co-located intergenerational care centres evolving across the country. Evidence from the Next Generation report shows that intergenerational projects which bring young and older people together can boost children's well-being, social and language skills as well as encouraging positive change in attitude towards ageing.

Tinies feel there is an opportunity for Early Years Professionals across the UK to get involved and help to bring older and young people together to reduce loneliness and share skills.

How Can You Help to Unite Generations in your Community?

If you are a nanny or nursery practitioner, why not contact a Care Home in your local area to see how you can get involved?

Or you can view our guide on Intergenerational Care for Nannies or our guide on Intergenerational Care for Nursery Practitioners with advice on how to initiate activities with your local care home.




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I contacted Tinies with an urgent request for a nanny. Not having used a nanny agency or Tinies before, I was slightly aprehensive about what to expect, but Tinies were helpful, friendly, and professional from the word go. The nanny arrived on our doorstep two days later, and my daughter (14 months) and I were immediately put at ease. I can't recommend Tinies enough.
Belle, Bristol